grilled oranges with rosemary.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am basically just your average wife with a full-time job, with not a lot of time on her hands to cook up something grand in the kitchen for every meal.

I did not grow up learning from my mother or grandmother how to cook everything she did, how to bake everything she did; it was mainly the gist of how to do this or that. How to test a cupcake in the oven, or how to stir pasta noodles. It was all somewhat minimal, but not on their fault because I simply just would have rather climbed trees and ran around outside. I learned when I started dating my now-husband of seven months now. And we dated for about nine months. So… yeah I haven’t began learning to do this for very long.

The point of me saying all the above is to show you that I am not a wonder woman chef, a baking queen, nor have I been doing it a long time. My invented recipe list is very small, and I mostly like to tweak recipes I find or see on TV. But it’s the joy it brings me when my husband or friends comment on how delicious the crock-pot pork roast, the fried asparagus with garlic, or the pour-over coffee is that I find why I do this: to make not just the stomach, but the heart full.

I thought I’d give it a try though, to kind of document the recipes I learn/alter/create, and either have them here for me to read later on, or to share with others who might be in the same boat as me. Please comment and share! Feedback helps me a lot.

Anyways, you all came here for a food blog on how to grill fresh fruit, so I will cut to the chase and begin now:


photo by:

Being an English major, I know all about copyright and want to make sure credit is given where credit is due:

Inspired by: Netflix’s “Chef’s Table”
Recipe found here, by Oliver Schwaner-Albright. What I have below is tweaked only slightly. Measurements are in the article.
My friends say: “These are so good.” “Wow.” “What’s on these? It’s so good.”
I find this goes with: salmon, vegetables, and pork.
Serving size: 2-4
Can be: Appetizer, or served with meal.

  1. Take two oranges, rinse in water with skin on, and then peel.
  2. Carefully cut into halves (it doesn’t matter which way you slice it).
  3. Heat up stovetop on medium heat, and in pan pour amount of sugar as specified in author’s article (link above), and have it melt. It will turn into a brown syrup-like consistency.
  4. Sprinkle orange halves with sugar and dried rosemary (not too much), in my opinion perhaps less than what recipe specifies. Place oranges face-down in pan and grill for a few minutes checking on them once in a while. I would say in total grill them for 5-8 minutes.
  5. Carefully remove oranges from pan, and place on plate to cool. It is great to serve these lukewarm or cold, even.




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