grilling corn without the grill.

Eating corn on the cob is a huge family past time of mine. I remember how my dad would have to shave all the kernels off of the corn cob so I could eat them with a spoon after the butter had melted in with the salt and pepper. My mother-in-law likes to buy the corn that has the white, brown, and gold kernels, and though the taste and crispness is different than perhaps what I’m used to, it’s delicious, and the idea is the same – handheld food is just the best.

Why not grill it?

Now the argument I come across most is this: “This wasn’t done over a grill! You’re doing this on the stove/on a waffle iron/in a pan, how can this be considered grilled?” My English degree says otherwise. Yes, grilling as we know it commonly is an absolute art, and I do not wish to claim that what grillers are doing can be done on any hot surface. That is simply not true; a grilled hamburger patty is just the best and the fire-flavor cannot be achieved as well on a stovetop. However, ‘grilling’, defined, is this: to cook (food) directly over or under high heat. So today, I’m gonna tell you how to grill corn.


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My friends say: “At first I thought you made too much corn, but it’s almost all gone.” “This is real good.”
I find this goes with: BBQ dinner
Serving size: 2-4
Can be: side dish

corn (husked, or un-husked is fine)
4-8 tbls butter

  1. Un-husk corn, and boil in water until tender (I often test this by using a fork to see if the prongs can sink into the corn cob without any issues).
  2. Once corn is cooked through, heat up a griddle or pan on medium heat. As it’s heating, add a tbls of butter to center of griddle. Immediately place one corn on the cob over butter spot. Rotate corn around to spread the butter on all sides. Keep rotating occasionally. As you rotate it, add salt and pepper (as around it as possible).
  3. When you add each corn, add a tbls of butter to where you plan to place it in the griddle. Frequently check and rotate other corn cobs as you keep placing new corn. You will see some start to brown. Notice the longer you leave them in one spot without turning them, the browner the kernels become.
  4. If you want to keep them hot without burning them, place stovetop on low heat. Otherwise, when at least one edge of each corn is brown, turn off stovetop. You might need to keep rotating the corn to check on the kernels that they don’t burn.
  5. Serve warm enough to handle.




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