Marissa is a SoCal native, who went to school in LA and studied Linguistics and English. She graduated and pursued a post-grad Bible school program where she met her husband. Now living in Dallas, TX, she loves cooking for others, learning new things in the kitchen, and making coffee, drinking coffee, and buying coffee (and being given coffee).

Before she and her husband started dating, Marissa’s cooking skills were very minimal. When she first visited his family, she realized how much food is involved in their both their culture, and in their family life. She quickly saw she needed to do something about her not knowing how to cook. When she went back home, she began to learn and research all kinds of recipes. She became the dessert-bringer for almost every event she went to and would get feedback on things she made so she could learn what people liked. She began to learn, but more importantly, she just began to cook.

Marissa’s favorite dishes to make are chicken pot pie, waffles, pancakes, her orzo salad with roasted broccoli, pasta, stuffed strawberries, flan, salmon, crock pot honey BBQ chicken drumsticks, and many more.